Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence
From Jim Rickards, the bestselling author of Currency Wars and The Death of Money, comes the most important ‘hard money’ book in 35 Years..
David A Stockman calls it ‘essential reading.’ The former Managing Director of Goldman Sachs calls it ‘the most important gold book EVER.’ Former presidential Candidate Ron Paul says ‘This excellent book proves that, contrary to the propaganda of fiat currency apologists, gold is real money.’ For a limited time, we are publishing a special Australian edition of Jim Rickards’ The New Case for Gold [more]

Crisis & Opportunity
How to only buy stocks that are going up
In Crisis & Opportunity Greg Canavan unleashes a powerful new investing method that fuses fundamental and technical analysis to identify ‘lift-off points’ – or trend changes – in all manner of stocks, markets and asset class. You see, most investors have very hot and miss results. They either sell too early, missing out on a lot of gains…or they buy thinking they are getting a bargain, only to watch the stock fall another 30%. That will no longer be you…[More]

Resource Speculator
The 2016 resources ‘bounce-back’ has begun. And if you’re not part of it…you’ll kick yourself for years to come.
The last time resource stocks were this cheap, the sector more than DOUBLED over the next two and a half years. Resource Speculator readers picked up multiple triple-digit gains, some as high as 125%. If lead resource analyst Jason Stevenson is right, this year’s resource resurgence will trigger even bigger gains. You could see a small $500 punt transform into $1,500, $3,000, $4,000 or MORE in short order… [more]

Gowdie Letter

The Gowdie Letter
Vern Gowdie’s new book is called The End of Australia: The Real Story Behind Australia’s Economic Collapse and What You Can do to Survive It.
Central banks are losing control. Their efforts to prop up asset markets are failing. We’re now entering the endgame. What will the endgame look like? What are the short and long term investment implications? And how can you navigate this period of hyper central banking intervention…and emerge from the other side with a healthy portfolio? Vern Gowdie is one of the few minds in Australia with clear answers to these questions [more]

Australian Small-Cap Investigator
The greatest mind of the modern era is about to embark on his greatest and most ambitious project yet…
A revolutionary, digital network designed to beam superfast internet to every inch of the planet…from space! And for you — as an investor — it could mark the start of an epic 14-fold profit run…if you’re willing to take a calculated risk with a small portion of your capital [more]

Cycles, Trends and Forecasts
The Grand Cycle Equation
What if there was an ‘Almanac’ for the financial markets? One so accurate, you could set your watch by it? Never again would you have to worry about what will happen next year. Never again would an economic event surprise you. Never again would you be caught out in a down move on the stock market…in fact you’d be able to profit from them. Discover ‘The Grand Cycle Equation’… [more]

Revolutionary Tech Investor:
The 2016 ‘Wealth Eruption’
Forget the market downturn…the oil crash…and the debt. According to Sam Volkering there are no less than four seemingly unstoppable events could generate ultra-wealth for Australian investors. It’s all part of the third great technology leap forward in the history of mankind. The question is, do you have what it takes to grasp the biggest buying opportunity in financial history?[more]

Total Income

Total Income
A strategy for making money no matter where the ASX goes
Total Income exists for a single purpose: Helping you collect a constant stream of cash payments NO MATTER WHAT happens in the share market. 30-year market veteran, Matt Hibbard, gives you a High Yield Portfolio of income payers delivering extraordinary income opportunities…like an investment that’s grown every $100 into $437.50 in just 11 years despite the GFC crash…[more]

Quant Trader

Quant Trader
Quant Trader Jason McIntosh introduces you to an extremely left-field way of zeroing in on future stock superstars…and at that GOLDEN time when virtually no one knows about them.
He calls these stocks THE OUTSIDERS. When you grasp the secret of what Jason calls ‘outsider trading’…and how simple it is when you have a calibrated computer algorithm crunching the data and doing the scouting for you…you’ll never look at trading in the same way again. Read on… [more]

Options Trader

Options Trader
Exposing the cash-generating power of Fast Cash Alerts
For decades, in-the-know bankers and the ultra-wealthy have exploited the income-producing power of this single, simple transaction. Now, it’s your turn. Are you ready to start ‘scalping’ fast cash sums like $624, $406 and $810 every few weeks from the biggest blue chip stocks in Australia? [more]

Jim Rickards’ Currency Wars Trader
Chances are you already know Port Phillip Publishing has teamed up with Jim Rickards..
Perhaps you were one of those who partook of the free giveaway of his new book, The Big Drop. What you may not know is this: There is a new strategy to use the monetary distortions Jim talks about in The Big Drop to your financial advantage. It’s a proprietary system called IMPACT. And its back-tested results are mind-blowing…[more]

Gowdie Family Wealth:
How to leave wealth to your kids without destroying your family
Award-winning financial advisor Vern Gowdie watched one of his former clients let money tear their family apart. If you think money alone is enough to ensure your family thrives now, in the future and after you’re gone, you should read Vern’s new report. You’ll learn of three ‘old money’ strategies for protecting and growing wealth for generations…and ensuring a successful family too. [more]

Phil Anderson’s Time Trader
After 30 years of closely guarding his personal strategy for TRADING his controversial ‘Grand Cycle’, Phil Anderson finally gives you Time Trader. Based on the controversial market ‘Almanac’ that’s allowed him to correctly predict nearly every high and low in stocks AND property this century…this brand new service takes you inside Anderson’s world, showing you WHAT to buy — and WHEN. Discover the technique that once allowed a Wall Street legend to make 8,233% in just 90 days…

Money Morning Premium

Money Morning Premium
Read the real stories behind what’s going on in the markets six days a week.
Access an exclusive ‘note’ that shows you how you could make money from those stories. From small-caps and property…to smart money moves and ideas on profiting from precious metals and commodities…start receiving Money Morning Premium NOW… [more]

Remembering the Future:
FIRE-SALE of the most controversial property DVD of 2016!
‘If you think Australia’s property boom can’t keep on going, you’re DEAD WRONG’… controversial economist Phillip J Anderson says you’ve got 10 9 MORE YEARS of rising property prices to build a millionaire dollar property portfolio. Now you can own the presentation that’s guided over 1,000 Australians into the property elite since March last year. We’re releasing the last remaining recorded copies of this DVD…and you can claim yours for 33% off the full price while stocks last…[more]

World War D:
‘The battlefield is a scene of constant chaos. The winner will be the one who controls that chaos, both his own and his enemy’s.’ – Napoleon Bonaparte.
Right now the world is in a chaotic battlefield. Where is it all leading? How long can markets keep going up amid violence and turmoil? And is there a way you can be a winner…by controlling the chaos? Find out by viewing the World War D Highlights Reel. To watch it now…click here.