With publications spanning macroeconomics and the effect of ‘big picture’ geopolitics on financial markets; the resource industry and small-cap companies on the ASX200; to providing value and income investment ideas and specific buy and sell trading recommendations; our readers can access wisdom and ideas from some of the most switched-on and unconventional thinkers in the country

Whether you’re a long-term investor looking to develop your strategy and grow your retirement fund; or a short-term trader wanting to take a well-researched punt and make large gains we have something for you.

Australian Small Cap Investigator
Picking profitable small-cap shares can seem virtually impossible in today’s volatile market. But Australian Small-Cap Investigator can help. Editor Kris Sayce provides detailed research and analysis on some the brightest, smallest listed companies on the ASX. Each month he recommends the stock of one of Australia’s rising star entrepreneurs – detailing exactly what makes it a buy recommendation and how it could shoot your portfolio returns to the stars.
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If you’re bullish on Australian resources and feel that there’s money to be made in backing Australia’s best explorers, miners and refiners – you need the insightful commentary and well-researched ideas you’ll find in Diggers and Drillers.
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The Denning Report takes a big picture view of global financial markets and explains what these huge shifts and developments mean for Australian investors. As a subscriber you will grow to understand how major geopolitical events that happen thousands of kilometres away can affect your investments, wealth and retirement plans here in Australia.
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Sound Money. Sound Investments provides detailed analysis on Australia’s most undervalued stocks from the country’s preeminent value investing expert – Greg Canavan. Greg provides Sound Money Sound Investments readers with his full analysis of Australian stocks trading below their intrinsic value. Greg has been in the investment business in Australia for over 10 years and has appeared on several financial media outlets including CNBC, Sky Business’s ‘The Perrett Report’ and Lateline Business and has written articles for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian.
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The Money For Life Letter editor, Nick Hubble, has spent the last three years discovering lots of new, exciting and surprisingly simple ways to generate money for retirement. Some are investments that work with what he calls ‘money trends’ in the economy. Others don’t involve the stock market at all. But all of Nick’s ideas have the very real potential to put tens of thousands of extra dollars into your retirement fund—using money you have now.
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Revolutionary Tech Investor is our newest, most forward-looking premium investment advisory. Edited by Tech Analyst Sam Volkering and Investment Director Kris Sayce, this revolutionary project is dedicated to finding the best ways to profit from technological developments across the globe. It’s their job to find, analyse, research and — in the right situation — recommend investments in the world’s most innovative and technologically advanced companies. No other investment advisory in Australia — and probably even the world — looks at the global technology market and the latest innovations with the same perspective as Revolutionary Tech Investor.
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Gowdie Family Wealth is a brand new monthly newsletter with a clear aim: to help you build and protect wealth for future generations of your family. Editor Vern Gowdie, will show you how you can really help your kids get on in life when you’re no longer around. Instead of leaving them your house and the money in your bank account, and expecting them to get on with it, you’ll give them the tools — knowledge, wisdom and financial literacy — to help grow that cash into wealth that will last generations. Click Here to Learn More

What if there was an ‘Almanac’ for the financial markets? One so accurate, you could set your watch by it? Never again would you have to worry about what will happen next year. Never again would an economic event surprise you. Never again would you be caught out in a down move on the stock market…in fact you’d be able to profit from them. Discover ‘The Grand Cycle Equation’Click Here to Learn More

The premise of New Frontier Investor is pretty simple: The multinational map of corporate power is being rewritten. In 20 years’ time it will look almost unrecognisable. And it could throw up similar investments returns over the next 10–25 years, to those that were made from the rise of America in the 20th century. Gains like 11,095%, 20,621% and 50,760%. They were made from the last megatrend. This advisory is focussing on the NEXT megatrend…Click Here to Learn More