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Jason Stevenson

If you’re bullish on Australian resources and feel that there’s money to be made in backing Australia’s best explorers, miners and refiners, you need the insightful commentary and well-researched ideas you’ll find in Resource Speculator.

But don’t expect Resource Speculator to just tip BHP and RIO. While they’re ‘safe’ bets and have a place in every resource investor’s portfolio…we believe the companies that are going to hand you the biggest gains are small, little-known Aussie miners and explorers…companies that most people have never heard about.

That’s why you’ll find in-depth analysis and insight into not just the big miners but also the smallest, most exciting stocks on the ASX…under-reported Australian firms with heaps of upside that aren’t being covered by other analysts.

It could be anything from a tiny explorer hunting for oil off the west coast of Africa, to a gold miner drilling a dusty patch of Western Australia, or even a low-cost producer extracting high-tech ‘strategic minerals’ essential for all modern electronics from smartphones to electric cars.

Take a trial subscription to Resource Speculator and, each month, you’ll be among the first to discover these little-known mining prospects and natural resource plays in Australia, including our full research, valuation, and profit prediction.

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What subscribers are saying about Resource Speculator

“I have been trading small and medium cap resource stocks for about fifteen years and over that time have spent and in some cases wasted a lot of cash on advice. Resource Speculator far outperforms anything available in Australia today, I might add at an extremely inexpensive price. Sometimes I shake my head and say “How Good Is This?” D&D allows me to trade in confidence knowing that the stocks covered have been properly researched.” Chris & Marilyn Ford

“Well I reckon you are pretty good!! We lost at least one third of our super portfolio 2007/2008. All of which was inspired by brokers recommendations. Things like Property Trusts and main-stream “investments”. Since joining Resource Speculator things have been decidedly different. We have managed to make up a third of our losses though that is only book entries not having sold. We are most grateful to you and hope you can keep it going!” Ian

 “After many years subscribing to higher profile commentators, all of whom have been dropped since [the] GFC, I began subscribing to D&D some 2 years ago with outstanding results in the most difficult of times, cutting paper losses substantially through profitable trades recommended by D&D. I’m not just talking the odd couple of grand but substantially more than the big boys could make in the good times. Seems all the time is a good time at D&D.”  Nick B

 “You’re a champion!  Don’t know a service like yours in Australia. I have been a subscriber for a little less than a month and have already seen a gain of Close to 17% of my capital after Brokerage fees.  That’s just bloody amazing, seriously put. I have already made gains of close to 6.5X of my annual subscription fee, in less than a month! There is no way in hell that I’m stopping my subscription with your service.”  Max

“I currently own shares in 8 stocks [from the Resource Speculator portfolio]. At the end of trading last week, on April 1st, the total market value of those shares was $36,819. The market value at the end of trading this week, on April 9th, was $40,424 – that’s $3,605 profit over 4 trading days! Thank you,” Edward

“A note to say thank you for your research. I have never bought a stock and got a 100% return before (AZM) and its all credit to you. Thanks for providing the information for me to have that experience – and all within two months too!”  Laurence