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Our goal is the same now as it was then: to help you become a financially independent, better-informed and successful investor.

We believe in offering a range of opinions on the financial markets. Experienced analysts, with their own strategies and philosophies drive our publications.

As such, we do not promote a single view of the markets. Instead, we publish a vast array of opinions, recommendations and investing strategies.

Our publications are linked, however, by an unwavering commitment to the quality of ideas, risk-management and a contrarian approach to finding investment opportunities.

Why? Because it is in these situations having an informed perspective gives you the best chance to grow smarter, wealthier and freer.

We’re completely, 100% independent. We don’t rely on third party advertisers to support our business. We’re answerable only to you, our readers.

That means we’re never afraid to tell it like it is. We only report the stories and ideas that really matter to you and your wealth.

Whether you’re a long-term investor looking to safely grow your retirement pot; or you’re looking for the best ways to preserve and protect the nest-egg you’ve already built; or are looking for some exciting growth opportunities — we have something for you.

Take your time to look around our website and see what we have to offer…and again, welcome!


Kris Sayce, Publisher, Port Phillip Publishing

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Greg’s Canavan Exclusive IPO Investor

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Financial Anarchists

Financial Anarchists is a podcast for contrarian investors only. People who can think for themselves and are capable of questioning the mainstream, the government, us, and even our guests.

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The Great Repression

This Is Your ‘Great Repression’ Highlights Reel

‘In short, over the next two days, I encourage you to listen, to take notes and, most importantly, to think. Think for yourselves. Only thinkers are welcome at this conference. Not drones, not robots, not sheeple, only thinkers. If you think carefully about what you hear over the next two days, I’m convinced you’ll get a great deal out of this conference.’ These were Kris Sayce’s opening remarks at our sold-out Great Repression conference. Here is the highlights reel…

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World War D

‘The battlefield is a scene of constant chaos. The winner will be the one who controls that chaos, both his own and his enemy’s.’ – Napoleon Bonaparte. Right now the world is in a chaotic battlefield. Where is it all leading? How long can markets keep going up amid violence and turmoil? And is there a way you can be a winner…by controlling the chaos? Find out in this DVD recording of the World War D investment symposium. Now available exclusively with The Great Repression: The Battle for Your Wealth in an Age of Financial Tyranny recordings.

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Total Income

Introducing the 1,000% ‘Blue Chip Boost’

Investing-for-income specialist Matt Hibbard reveals how you can ‘turn on the boost’ and up your big, blue chip stock gains by 1,000% or MORE. If you’ve ever wondered how billionaire investors like Warren Buffett, George Soros and Carl Icahn got rich, this is a BIG part of their secret…

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Gowdie Family Wealth

How to leave wealth to your kids without destroying your family

Award-winning financial advisor Vern Gowdie watched one of his former clients let money tear their family apart. If you think money alone is enough to ensure your family thrives now, in the future and after you’re gone, you should read Vern’s new report. You’ll learn of three ‘old money’ strategies for protecting and growing wealth for generations…and ensuring a successful family too.

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Gold Stock Trader

Since 1976, a rare ‘profit window’ has opened just four times in one niche gold sector. In 2017, it’s swung open AGAIN…

...and it could give you the chance to grow much richer…much faster…than by simply buying bullion. In fact, what you’re about to see could have given you the chance to collect $192 for every $1 rise in the price of gold. Meaning, if my analysis is correct and gold marches to $4,000, you could turn every $10,000 invested into $672,153…

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Money Morning Trader

A devastatingly effective method to trade the markets.

You no longer need to wait around for broker’s reports, newspaper coverage or anything else to find the best stocks to trade. Money Morning Trader gives you the pulse of the stock market every day. If you want to know where the economy is heading, we suggest you forget the newspaper and start watching the stock market. Money Morning Trader is a daily premium service only on offer with selected Port Phillip Publishing paid subscriptions.

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Options Trader

Exposing the cash-generating power of Fast Cash Alerts.

For decades, in-the-know bankers and the ultra-wealthy have exploited the income-producing power of this single, simple transaction. Now, it’s your turn. Are you ready to start ‘scalping’ fast cash sums like $624, $406 and $810 every few weeks from the biggest blue chip stocks in Australia?

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Port Phillip Data

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Quant Trader

A Rare Window to Turn $50k into Over $1 Million Has Opened — AGAIN

It opened in 1993, 2003 and 2009. Now, for the first time in eight years, this rare window is open again. What’s in it for you? Potentially 1,900% trading account growth — IF you begin now. So get ready to trade…because within 14 days (if not sooner) this window slams shut…

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The Newman Show

Nobody ever made money listening to the mainstream. The best investment ideas are out on the edge. So that’s where the Newman Show takes you. Analyst and trader Callum Newman brings you the information from around the world that’s driving the markets and your money. Tune in now to hear the biggest names in Australian and global financial markets sharing their best investment ideas and analysis.

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Time Trader

After 30 years of closely guarding his personal strategy for TRADING his controversial ‘Grand Cycle’, Phil Anderson finally gives you Time Trader. Based on the controversial market ‘Almanac’ that’s allowed him to correctly predict nearly every high and low in stocks AND property this century…this brand new service takes you inside Anderson’s world, showing you WHAT to buy — and WHEN. Discover the technique that once allowed a Wall Street legend to make 8,233% in just 90 days…

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Cycles, Trends & Forecasts

The Grand Cycle Equation

What if there was an ‘Almanac’ for the financial markets? One so accurate, you could set your watch by it? Never again would you have to worry about what will happen next year. Never again would an economic event surprise you. Never again would you be caught out in a down move on the stock market…in fact you’d be able to profit from them. Discover ‘The Grand Cycle Equation’.

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Currency Wars Trader

Chances are you already know Port Phillip Publishing has teamed up with Jim Rickards..

You’ve probably heard of the ‘Big Short’, right? It’s widely hailed as the single greatest trade of all time. John Paulson was a relatively obscure fund manager before 2007. By the end of that year alone, he’d made $15 billion. Paulson did this by being one of the few people on the planet to make a concentrated bet against the US subprime mortgage market. Our Jim Rickards trade advisory has come up with a potentially comparable trade. It’s called the ‘Big Australian Short’

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Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence

DO NOT RISK putting another dollar into your bank account until you read Jim Rickards’ brand new book!

On 15 November 2014, Australia’s Prime Minister, along with 20 of the most powerful world leaders, signed what Jim calls your ‘financial death warrant…a secret plan to FREEZE every dollar you own when the next financial crisis hits.’ In his new book — which we’ll send to any eligible Australian who responds ASAP — Jim reveals the globally coordinated ‘Ice-Nine Plan’…and countermeasures you can make right now to protect yourself…

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Microcap Trader

The goal of Microcap Trader is quite simple: to help you play the smallest of the small stocks from the ASX and around the world. The type of high risk, high potential stock that can turn a small stake into a new beach house…or pay for several kids’ university education…or literally allow you to quit work forever.

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Money Morning

Australia’s most outspoken financial news service – Money Morning – isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. From calling politicians out on the big issues, to taking the mighty housing industry on single handedly, Money Morning exists to cut through the hype and BS and help you make sense of the stories that REALLY make a difference to your wealth.

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Markets & Money

If you suspect that what you read in the papers and see on the television is just one part of the story in the financial world—and maybe not even the most interesting or useful or even accurate part–you need Markets & Money in your life.

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Port Phillip Insider

Port Phillip Insider is a five times a week email for all subscribers of our paid publications. It’s our way of making sure you get all our valuable investment ideas quickly, regardless of which publication you’re subscribed to. Where we think we’ve hit upon a compelling theme or profitable idea, we’ll share it with you. Always lively and always interesting, Port Phillip Insider will give you another view on what’s happening in the markets and in the world.

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Port Phillip Insider Extra

Give yourself a huge advantage over other investors in the market.

Every Saturday morning in Port Phillip Insider Extra, we’ll serve you with at least one new investment insight or idea from our experts here in Australia, or from our network of global contacts overseas. You’ll gain knowledge, insight, ideas, secrets, and wisdom taken from our global contacts based in the US, the UK, France, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Spain, India, China, and elsewhere. This service is currently only on offer to existing Port Phillip Publishing paid subscribers, as a premium e-letter service.

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Revolutionary Tech Investor

The Sixth Revolution has begun: You’re on the cusp of the greatest wealth-creating opportunity in human history

Five ‘Great Revolutions’ have defined our existence: the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, the Industrial Revolution and the Digital Revolution. Today, the Sixth Revolution in human progress is here — and it’s about to transform your life, your health, your fortunes and your future in more ways than you can possibly imagine…

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Strategy Sessions

In this series of short interviews with our editors, you'll find a thoughtful analysis of market developments, views and commentary on special situations as they develop, and ideas about how some of the bigger moves and announcements might affect the stock market, housing market and wider economy going forward. To access these Strategy Sessions you must be an existing Port Phillip Publishing paid subscriber and be logged in to your account.

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What our readers say about Port Phillip Publishing and its services

“The share market and the newsletters from Port Phillip Publishing have become a large part of my life giving me something to think about and plan a large part of my day around.” Milto

“Anyone who is interested in making money through share trading would have to be a complete fool not to sign up to D&D [and] Aust Small Cap… My husband subscribes to all your [services] and I must say I really think they are the best investment ever… Several years ago I didn’t know about any of these and share trading was just something I read about.  Now I do this full time and I love it… I have made heaps of money trading all your tips (since 1st July 2010 I have banked over $90,000 profits!) I wouldn’t be so financially successful without all the subscriptions we have with you. So keep doing your stuff guys, I’d be lost without you! (and I’d have to get a real job again, yuch!)” Ann Cox.

“I was forced to really self manage my SMSF from December last year (after my previous ‘advisors’ managed to lose me several $100k’s in the GFC) and have not looked back since subscribing to your services.” George

Your letters rock! I am a recent convert having started subscribing in May this year but have recouped my investment many, many times over with the recommendations in Small Cap and D&D. Thank you for your honest and candid appraisal of how the world really is!” Steve Roney

“I enjoy reading your publications and hope that you may continue to present these stories and opportunities to subscribers” Bob Buckeridge

“I promised myself that I would never pay a broker, because they were as good as liars. I would not trust one as far as I could throw one. You say it the way it is, and I could have just run off [with] the information you put out there. I paid to subscribe because you have made me money from your recommendations. I don’t have a lot of money, but I will always be a subscriber. You need to understand that you make a difference in what you do.” Peter Thomson