An email from a subscriber, sent 8th of March, 2010 mentioned the massive storm that had happened just prior.  This is how I responded:     ”..Finally, for those in Melbourne Saturday, a visible reminder of what happens around Gann dates; emotions from the heavens this time, and major weather change.”  Some pictures (a hell of a storm, summer looks like winter):

Count the usual Gann numbers going forward for future weather extremes this year. Victoria’s winter temperature extremes for 2010 will also be related. (It is the same for all geographic locations, within the context of those locations.)  Do the counts and prove the usefulness of Gann analysis for yourself. It is more profitable though to put the counts to use in the markets may I say… “

September 5th, 2010, and here is what is happening in Melbourne and regional Victoria, 180 degrees later and have a look at the images:
Timing, all of it.  Markets work exactly the same way.