So the G-20 have been meeting;

 ”G20 agrees to imbalances plan, warns of more economy doubts.”

Here is what they said,  in part:
“April 15 (Bloomberg) — Group of 20 finance chiefs agreed on details of a new surveillance system aimed at highlighting and rectifying flaws in the world economy before they imperil growth. The officials concluded talks in Washington today by outlining four methods they will use to decide when indicators such as budget deficits and external trade balances appear excessive. A country identified as having persistently dangerous levels of two of the measures will be subjected to further study and may have remedies suggested.
The aim of the plan is to spot imbalances earlier and then prescribe policies to fix them before they infect the world economy. The hope is such a process will deliver more-balanced international expansion after uneven trade and investment flows helped trigger the credit crisis.”

Can you spot the flaw?

The economic problems the world has just been through was NOT a financial crisis, and did not arise due to ‘uneven trade and investment flows’.  At its heart,  the crisis was a land question.  Nothing has been done to fix it; indeed everything possible was done to preserve it; that is the land rent’s collection by those who own it.  You need have no doubt the economic cycles will continue.  I do on occasion release this sort of information as a statement or media release, in quite a professional capacity.  It never ever gets a run in the news, so don’t wory too much about the cause ever being ‘discovered’.

“The G-20 also agreed to strengthen coordination “to avoid disorderly movements and persistent exchange rate misalignments” …”  Have a read of page 302 of Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking.  Shows the History repeating.  The cycles WILL continue.