You can read here, “Swiss bank will not curb property boom“.

Owing to the prior Euro area property loans gone sour and leading to currency difficulties, we get a flight of Euro money to ‘safer havens’, which has now ignited a Swiss real estate ‘bubble’ as Swiss bankers try to manage the franc to save their export industries by lowering interest rates, amongst other things.

Where the economic rent is allowed to capitalize into a tradable privilege, and then when banks can lend against this value, a boom / bust scenario must develop. Each boom will manifest slightly differently, but the same cause is always at the bottom of it. Anticipating how the boom, then bust, will manifest each time does require some economic understanding and can take time to learn. But it can be learnt because the underlying cause is measurable and quite scientific.

Prof Steve Hanke has a good write up about these Swiss events, of which there is more  here: which I urge you to take the time to understand. At some point in the future, Swiss house prices will suddenly plunge, authorities will plead ignorance but probably blame the workers for asking for too high a wage increase in their efforts to afford soaring house prices, blame them for taking out loans they could not afford, then introduce ‘austerity’ measures to effect a recovery.