I know it looks like all we do is real estate cycles but actually there is much more to EIS than that. The stock market methods of the legendary Wall Street trader,   W. D. Gann is our true passion. Not something that I broadcast widely though. Why would you?

Gann’s original methods do actually make money in the market, though they are counter-intuitive at times. His simple swing charts and methods to learn how to ‘read’ a market were revolutionary in his time, and still are today…

Notice Gann focused on the TIME, not the PRICE at which to buy or sell. Practically everybody does the exact opposite, including many of those that spend a lifetime managing other people’s money.

If you are just a little intrigued about why Phil and the crew get so passionate about this long-deceased guy, we’ve remodeled the home page to give you a chance to see more;  and hit the “Timing / Stock market / W.D. Gann” section, behind which is a great video intro to everything Gann. Be warned: it’s controversial.