Fred Harrison's new bookWho’s the most prescient of us all?

Fred has a new book out; well worth the read:  “The Traumatised Society. How to Outlaw Cheating and Save our Civilisation”.  Essential reading, in fact.  Page 127, gives his latest forecast for the next downturn, talking especially about China. 

Harrison has been prescient in the past – so prescient it defies belief:

Noted on the past forecasts archive:

 or go directly to the pages themselves:
The Power in the Land, 1983
and Fred’s forecast for the 1991/92 real estate led recession, 7 years in advance.  Everyone should have read this book.  Do have a look at the link.

The Chaos Makers, 1997
and forecast for the 2007 land price led peak, 10 years in advance.  Everyone should have read this book.

Boom Bust, 2005
and forecast dating the UK real estate top to the final quarter of 2007, all down hill after that.  Everyone should have read this book.

In fact Harrison is the ONLY person in the world to have successfully forecast the 1991 land-price led collapse and subsequent recovery, and then the financial (land-price-led) collapse after 2007 and getting the timing right, to the exact year.  Anything he publishes is worth the read.  I am unsure whether all subscribers should read this latest book however.  The conclusions are rather dark, as Fred is wont to be.  His insights and thinking however, into the dates mentioned, are as given in the book.  You can make up your own mind.  To understand the economy in 18.6 year cycles is well worth the effort.