144Perhaps its believable that events go in cycles; that what happens in the past tends to repeat sometimes, tho never exactly of course.  But could you believe that the cycles take place in set time frames?

From the volatile events of September 11, 2001; 30 months to the Madrid bombings, 45 months to the london bombings, 90 months exactly to the March 2009 stock market lows, now 144 months to the Syria culmination of events and probable US retaliations again.  150 months will be March of 2014, the all important 180 months being September of 2016.  US markets will see serious volatility September 2016 once again. 

All good degree counts in the circle, as rediscovered by the legendary Wall Street trader W.D. Gann.  I explain more about that here:

and see ‘timing / stock market / WD Gann‘ Emotional events are all timed…

By the way: markets showed that enough people knew 9/11 was coming, to effect market behaviour.  I wrote about that at the time, here:

and scroll right down to the link:

the market always knows, September October 2001

Markets knew something was coming