Something a little different…

Friday, 29 September 2017
Melbourne, Australia
By Kris Sayce

Today is the AFL Grand Final Friday holiday in Victoria.

When your editor first arrived in Australia 21 years ago, it was the weekend before that year’s Melbourne Cup.

We lived in the country town of Castlemaine for a short time. As a newcomer, we were welcomed, and invited to take part in the sweepstakes for the Cup.

We won! Darren Beadman rode Saintly to victory. The prize pool was about $35. I’m not sure the locals appreciated an interloper making off with the winnings!

Regardless, it amused us that Melbourne Cup Day was a public holiday. A horse race. We figured this must be the only place in the world where a sports event warranted a public holiday.

However, it seems that just in case some other place allocates a public holiday to a sporting event, Victoria wanted to make sure it stayed ahead of the pack. So now, we have the Grand Final holiday in Victoria as well.

…Even though the AFL Grand Final falls on a Saturday. No matter. For that reason, our office is closed. From a business perspective, it’s a ridiculous holiday. But donning our employee hat, it’s a wonderful holiday.

So, if you’re a Victorian, we hope you get to enjoy today’s holiday. We shall. We will return to our normal publishing schedule on Monday. In the meantime, here is a special guest essay from Sam Volkering. And remember to look out for our other editorial and ‘special situation’ emails over the weekend.



Pot Stock Fast Fortune!
Sam Volkering, Editor, Revolutionary Tech Investor

It’s not often that you get a chance to invest in a mega-trend that will define an entire generation.

I’m talking about opportunities like investing in the automobile at the turn of the 20th Century. Or being one of the early investors in telephone networks. Perhaps being one of the few with the vision to see that computers and the PC revolution would change the world. Or taking a risk and putting your money behind the most significant infrastructure project of the 21st century — the internet.

Early investors in those opportunities saw their investments multiply many times over. These megatrend opportunities minted the wealth for people that others who were late to the party simply couldn’t fathom.

The people who invest in these mega trends however aren’t all Rhodes scholars. They’re not all MBA graduates or the upper echelons of Wall Street’s elite.

But people who do invest in opportunities — mega trends — before the masses do have a few things in common.

Primarily they’re prepared to take on a little more risk than the average punter. They’re also able to filter out noise from the mainstream and naysayers to see the potential this mega-trend carries.

And perhaps most importantly, they all take action. They put their money down, invest, back their conviction and take part in the opportunities at hand.

Right now you too have an opportunity to invest in one of the 21st Century’s biggest mega-trends.

We of course can’t see the future, so we can’t say over the next 83 years how many more chances there will be like this. But we can say in our view this mega-trend is one of the most exciting investment opportunities we’ve ever seen.

The world is gearing up for the widespread legalisation of a natural ‘wonder drug’ which we think is the biggest advance in medical science since the development and discovery of penicillin.

Right now one of the biggest investment mega-trends available to investors is the legalisation of marijuana.

As we outlined in our ‘Pot Stock Fast Fortune’ webinar, Bank of America Merrill Lynch predicts by 2020, North American marijuana sales alone could hit an estimated $35 billion.

And many experts believe the global marijuana market could eventually reach $270 billion.

In fact, the coming cannabis boom could smash anything we’ve seen before, and it could rank as the best opportunity to collect a retirement-sized fortune…in as little as two years. That may sound unbelievable, but we’re about to show you three ‘Fast Fortune Pot Stocks’ we think could be in line for potential 1,000%+ returns each over the next two years.

See, the coming marijuana boom isn’t just about making this once illicit business legal. That’s a big part of it, of course, but what you’re also looking at is cutting-edge health and biotech research. You’re looking at a market that’s gone from prohibition to the same status as alcohol and cigarettes today.

Except this opportunity is bigger. It’s not just about getting high. It’s about treating people’s pain, managing stress, and finding new and novel ways to use nature’s ‘wonder drug’ to benefit humankind.

That’s what we really want to emphasise to you, is that this is a far bigger opportunity than just ‘pot’. This is a revolution in medical therapy and social customs.

It’s a global mega-trend that ranks up there with industry booms like the railroads, automobiles, the PC revolution, personalised medicine and the decoding of the human genome.

This is revolutionary and the technologies behind it, from the genetic selection of perfect strands, to the development of novel therapies and perhaps cures for disease, are simply astonishing.

I’m so excited about this opportunity. In some ways, I believe it could be as big an investment opportunity as cryptocurrencies. To see why, just go here.

Sam Volkering