Trump spending better than no spending?

Monday, 22 January 2018
Melbourne, Australia
By Kris Sayce

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  • Counting down
  • A phony war

Don’t ignore the comments of disinterested spouses or partners.

Prior to Christmas, your editor’s wife enquired why her genius husband hadn’t invested any of our money in bitcoin.

We explained that we just didn’t ‘get it’. We also could have added that we just don’t have the patience to jump through the hoops required to open a crypto account.

We can’t say for certain, but that conversation occurred around the time of the bitcoin price peak.

This weekend, your editor’s wife advised us that she was sick of hearing about bitcoin.

We don’t know what message to draw from that. Does it mean that the ‘bottom is in’ for bitcoin…or does it mean that so many people are talking about it that it has finally hit the mainstream?

We can’t say either way. But we do know that the bitcoin price has rebounded. Having fallen as low as US$9,185 last week, today it trades healthily around the US$11,500 level.

Now that we’ve got that perhaps useless information out of the way, let’s see what the markets have been up to…


Over the weekend, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up 53.91 points, or 0.21%.

The S&P 500 added 12.27 points, or 0.44%.

In Europe, the Euro Stoxx 50 index gained 28.16 points, for a 0.78% gain. Meanwhile, the FTSE 100 added 0.39%, and Germany’s DAX index gained 1.15%.

In Asian markets, Japan’s Nikkei 225 index is down 59.08 points, or 0.25%. China’s CSI 300 is up 0.75%.

In Australia, the S&P/ASX 200 is up 0.8 points, or 0.01%.

On the commodities markets, West Texas Intermediate crude oil is US$63.58 per barrel. Brent crude is US$68.88 per barrel.

Gold is trading for US$1,331.44 (AU$1,665.82) per troy ounce. Silver is US$17.00 (AU$21.28) per troy ounce.

The Aussie dollar is worth 79.94 US cents.

Bitcoin is US$11,499.55.

Listen to him

Don’t listen to your editor when it comes to cryptos.

And don’t listen to your editor’s wife either.

If you want to know the real ins and outs of cryptos and all that goes with it, listen to Sam Volkering. You’ll find his latest take on the market at the end of today’s Port Phillip Insider.

Counting down

Oh, there is someone else you should listen to on cryptos. At Port Phillip Publishing we’re fortunate to have two crypto experts on the payroll.

Our other expert is Ryan Dinse. Ryan joined us last year, primarily for his expert stock picking skills. But as he told me in his interview, he’s also been involved in cryptos almost from the start.

For that reason, it was a no-brainer when Ryan told me he had a strategy that could help Aussie investors profit from the volatility in cryptos.

And we don’t just mean buying and holding bitcoin. If you’d bought bitcoin when it hit US$20,000 late last year, and then held onto it until today, you’d be down over 40%.

But if you’d followed the crypto trading approach advocated by Ryan, and providing you traded exactly when he told you to trade, your crypto portfolio could be up 85% by now.

According to Ryan, the gains aren’t done with yet either. Why and how? Ryan will attempt to explain that in a new report he’s issuing this Wednesday.

It’s all part of a new intake for the Extreme Crypto Trader service. Remember, serious speculators only. No trial period applies, so make sure you’re serious before committing. But if you want to know the background before you lay down hard cash, join the priority access list now. It’s here, and it’s free.

You don’t need to commit to anything by joining the priority access list. You’re just acknowledging that you’re a serious speculator who understands the risks and potential profits from trading cryptos.

Once you’re on the priority access list, you’ll then receive the exclusive opportunity to join Ryan’s crypto trading system. Again, remember, no trial period applies. Make sure you’re serious about trading cryptos before you join.

A phony war

Stepping away from cryptos for a moment, once more we enjoy and are amused by the phony war in the US over the budget showdown.

It’s a showdown, which has become a shutdown.

To be honest, we’re not sure why so many folks are getting upset. We assume it’s because most people can’t imagine a world where a government ‘does nothing’.

How can the world function if there isn’t a government and its bureaucracy telling everyone what to do?

As you can gather, we take a different view. We say that the longer a shutdown lasts…the more a government is in ‘do nothing’ mode, the better it is for the economy and people as a whole.

What’s more, considering the vitriol aimed at US President Donald Trump over the past year, you’d think most folks would be happy for the government not to function.

After all, if your position is that the more he says and does the more he ruins the country…then cutting off his source of funding must be a good thing, right?

It seems not. Even bad spending by President Trump is better than no spending at all. Or that’s the only conclusion we can draw from the odd state of affairs.

But also given that the US government is currently in debt to the tune of US$19.8 trillion, you’d think that perhaps now is the opportunity for government and taxpayers to reflect on the mess they’ve made.

Again, it seems not. Stocks at a record high. Debt at a record high. Which dam will break first?

On that note, over to Sam…


Publisher’s Note: With the sharp corrections across the board in cryptocurrencies so far this year, many are dismissing the new asset class. Others, recent investors who jumped on the bandwagon during 2017’s incredible gains, are panicking and scrambling to get back out.

The real crypto veterans, on the other hand, aren’t reacting the same way. In today’s guest essay, an edited extract from Sam Volkering’s Secret Crypto Network, you’ll find out why.

When There’s Blood on the Streets
By Sam Volkering

If you’re a crypto investor, you probably spent last week in a bit of a tizz. And waking up this Monday morning, I’m guessing things weren’t much better.

If you’re at all engaged in the crypto markets, you’ll know it’s been a brutal time. Crypto assets across the board are in a sea of red.

Checking the list of crypto on CoinMarketCap last week wasn’t fun. Of the top 100 cryptos, not a single one was showing a gain.

That’s right, every crypto was showing a loss.

Double digit falls all over the place. Bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, litecoin — all of them were down. Deep in the third, fourth, seventh page on CoinMarketCap were probably some gainers.

We don’t know, though. We didn’t bother looking for one. A futile exercise.

If you’re pretty new to crypto markets, these are the days that harden you up, that turn you from a rookie into a seasoned veteran. We haven’t really seen a big plummet like this since we launched Secret Crypto Network last year.

It was always going to come. We just weren’t really sure when. And so now our readers have been through their very first hard correction.

If you’re a crypto investor, how do you feel?

Do you feel a bit down? When you log onto your crypto tracking app you probably saw a big difference your crypto portfolio. We did! It’s enough to make you feel dejected about the whole crypto investing opportunity.

That makes it easy to start doubting yourself. That feeling of ‘what am I doing?’ creeps in, and a little voice starts telling you to get out while you can.

But you need to be very careful in times like this. It’s easy to pull that ‘SELL’ trigger and then come to regret it time and time again.

What happens is you can easily get swept away in a massive panic. You decide to SELL out of positions and then pat yourself on the back for averting disaster.

That is, until the values start to head higher. In fact they start to head higher than the value you sold at. But you think to yourself, ‘It’ll crash back down again, I did the right thing’.

But it heads higher and higher again. And soon enough it’s more than double what you sold it for, even higher than it was before the panic ‘sell off’ even started. Now it’s too expensive to buy — but you do anyway because it has to go higher from here.

We see this time and time again. We’ve seen panic sellers tap out, only to see their holdings then go on to ‘higher highs’ down the track.

It’s times like these you need to exert control, patience and calmness. Go back to your original strategy, remind yourself what your time frames are and why you’re even in this market.

This turns you into a proper crypto investor. We know what it’s like, we’ve been in this long enough to have already made these mistakes before, getting caught up in day-to-day wild volatility swings. There has been times we tapped out too early — not focused on our long term vision.

And every time it’s been the wrong decision. That’s not to say this market will always head higher. Clearly it’s a rollercoaster. But when you’re on one, the wild part is the plummet down and then the fast ride up.

Times like this are scary. But if you’ve been around a few times you’ll see that the long-term potential is still there. There’s still gigantic upside benefit if you can hold on for the ride.

Now maybe this market isn’t for you, perhaps the volatility is too much. If you can’t calmly deal with these situations, you really shouldn’t be here.

But if you start to understand this is part of crypto markets, then you’ll see this happens all the time.

Here’s what happened to bitcoin’s price in the first quarter of 2015:

chart image

Source: CoinMarketCap
Click to enlarge

Notice the sharp plummet around 15 January?

Here’s what happened to bitcoin’s price in the first quarter of 2016:

chart image

Source: CoinMarketCap
Click to enlarge

Notice the sharp plummet around the 15 January?

Here’s what happened to bitcoin’s price in the first quarter of 2017:

chart image

Source: CoinMarketCap
Click to enlarge

Notice the sharp plummet around the 15 January?

We’re not saying that every year this is going to happen. But it happens a lot. Like four consecutive years. Coincidence? Maybe. There are theories as to why it’s happening again.

But we don’t really worry about that, our view is long-term. Our recommendations have huge upside potential. And along the way the journey is going to be tough.

Crypto markets are very different to traditional markets. But investor psychology isn’t. And when there’s blood on the streets — that’s when you should be looking for opportunity.

With this in mind, we’re trying to fast track our special upcoming report — where we’ll recommend six cryptos to hold for 2018. We will get it to you next week. By then, maybe the overall market recovers a bit. Or maybe not.

It doesn’t really matter. We’re in this for the long game. And so far over the course of our involvement in crypto that’s the strategy that trumps all others. We don’t expect that to change because of a few days in January each year.

Remember, stay calm. Focus on your goals. Don’t get sucked away in panic. And don’t get overly swept up in fear of missing out. Calm heads prevail here.


Sam Volkering,
Editor, Secret Crytpo Network