Murray Does It Again…

Friday, 4 December 2020
Wollongong, Australia
By Greg Canavan

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Time is running out to add some of this stock to your holdings for the long term. I reckon it’s only a matter of time until they trade a lot higher than where they are now.

That was our trading expert Murray Dawes in Monday’s Insider.

His video that day showcased a stock called Blue Energy Ltd [BLU:ASX].

It was trading for 5.5 cents.

Murray said it’s only a matter of time until they trade a lot higher.

That ‘matter of time’ turned out to be three days…

Source: Google Finance

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After a good announcement, it leapt 60% in one day.

It’s a pretty astonishing move. And just think…all you had to do to get ahead of it was read The Insider!

Anyway, I don’t know anyone as generous with his time and knowledge as our Muzza. He’s a true trader. He cares immensely about the quality of his analysis and research into each trade. But he’s just as passionate about sharing and educating too.

That’s why the dancefloor today is all Murray’s.



[WATCH] One for the Bottom Drawer

By Murray Dawes

I hope you managed to have a look at my ‘Week Ahead’ video on Monday.

In it I profiled a little stock.

Four days later and that stock is up 60%. It was trading at 5.5 cents on Monday when you received the video, and closed yesterday at 8.8 cents having reached a high of 9.4 cents on the day.

As Woody said, the stock was Blue Energy Ltd [ASX:BLU]. In the interests of full disclosure, members of Pivot Trader, my trading service, are long the stock.

In fact, I sent them the official alert yesterday morning to buy the stock at 6.8 cents with an initial target of 9 cents. We reached that target by the afternoon. So a 32% move for us on the day and we have already taken part profits.

Blue have a lot of stranded gas in the basins that the federal government hopes to open up over the next few years via building pipelines.

It’s an incredibly exciting story. The setup looked compelling at the start of the week, which is why I sent out the video to you.

I thought there was a chance the stock price would weaken a bit further and I wanted members of Pivot Trader in at the best possible price, but then an announcement hit the boards and the price started to move, so it forced my hand.

These are the kinds of trades that are out there, right now.

It’s why, each week, I put together a video for you in Monday’s Insider showing you a new stock that I think is one to watch. I show you what I look for, too. Hopefully it is helping you become a better trader. Another reason I’ve been doing these videos for you is so that you can work out for yourself whether the calls I make are worth listening to.

I have been around the markets for a long time and I have to admit there are a lot of sharks out there.

That’s why it is so difficult to build trust in financial markets and so easy to lose it. We all become wary as we get older and wiser.

I could stand here till I’m blue in the face telling you that my technical analysis model and method for fundamentally analysing stocks is the bee’s knees, but why should you believe a word I say?

The only way to get the point across is to show and tell. The videos are a great tool because the way I analyse markets would be impossible to describe with text alone. I would struggle to write it and you would fall asleep reading it.

It is much easier to show you exactly what I mean with my charts in real-time and then you can see what happens in the future and whether I’m full of it.

If you didn’t manage to watch the video from Monday, you can find it here. Or you can watch a shortened version of the video (only four minutes long), by clicking on the picture below:


In it you will see my reasoning for telling you that the stock looked like a buy only days before it shot up 60% in a single day.

But one swallow doesn’t make a summer.

I have analysed 12 stocks for you in the last three months and this is the list of returns since I released the free ‘Week Ahead’ videos in The Insider:

  1. Jervois Mining Ltd [ASX:JRV] — Up 32%
  2. Dreadnought Resources Ltd [ASX:DRE]  — Up 53%
  3. Nova Minerals Ltd [ASX:NVA] — Up 59%
  4. Botanix Pharmaceuticals Ltd [ASX:BOT] — Up 55%
  5. Dubber Corp Ltd [ASX:DUB] — Up 30%
  6. Barra Resources Ltd [ASX:BAR] — Down 16% (Trading at 3.1 cents and my buy level is 2.5 cents)
  7. Queensland Pacific Metals [ASX:QPM] was [ASX:PM1] — Up 30% from 3 cents buy level given
  8. Alcidion Group Ltd [ASX:ALC] — Up 17%
  9. CV Check Ltd [ASX:CV1] — Flat
  10. Coziron Resources Ltd [ASX:CZR]  — Flat
  11. Livetiles Ltd [ASX:LVT] — Down 3%
  12. Blue Energy Ltd [ASX:BLU]  — Up 60% in three days

Remember that all of those returns have been achieved within three months.

The reason why I’m making a song and dance about it today is because next week we are running a ‘Magnetic Trader’ workshop where you are going to learn all about my approach and how you can use it in your trading.

I’ve been very transparent about many aspects of my approach with you in the ‘Week Ahead’ videos but there is much more to learn. I’ve given you weekly insights into how I find trading opportunities and you’ve been able to see for yourself how they’ve gone.

There’s no need for you to rely on anyone but your own eyes to decide whether my trading style is profitable.

So I hope you’ll keep your eyes peeled for my articles next week that will give you a much more detailed explanation of how I achieved the returns above and sent a trade alert this week that hit its target 32% above the entry price on the same day.


Murray Dawes Signature

Murray Dawes,
Editor, Pivot Trader