Killing It

Friday, 11 December 2020
Melbourne, Australia
By James Woodburn

[3 min read]

This week was all about Murray Dawes.

We started with him…and we’ll end with him!

The reason why?

For one, his track record has been unbelievably good this year.

Take a look at his current portfolio:

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Frankly, he’s killing it.

So, I thought it’s the perfect opportunity to give you a glimpse of his VIP service’s analysis. Plus, it’s our office Christmas party today, and so I need to throw our team a well-earned shindig!

Below, you’ll find a shortened video of what Murray sent to his readers earlier in the week. The discussion of open positions has been taken out. If you want those, you should take advantage of a great deal Murray’s been offering this week.

Check that out here. It ends soon.

As Muzz told his readers…

The Santa Rally is in full swing now. There are a few sectors in particular that are going gangbusters and thankfully we have exposure to each of them.

Lithium, rare earths, uranium, and pot stocks are all catching a strong bid.

As I build the portfolio, I have to focus on finding the highest quality stocks in the sector I am looking at, rather than having a scatter gun approach and buying many stocks in each sector that I like.

If I were to buy a handful of stocks in each of the sectors, the size of the portfolio would get out of control.

Instead, I have decided to do the work necessary to find the one that I like in a particular sector based on the fundamental and technical situation, and I buy that one.

We currently have 20 stocks in the portfolio, and I will continue to add stocks as they send me buy signals. But I don’t want a situation where we have so many stocks in the portfolio that you are confused which one you should buy.

If I do think a sector is looking really hot, I will continue to add a few other stocks in that sector on a good signal.

It looks like pot stocks really are turning a corner after being seriously beaten up over the last few years.

I don’t think we need to chase most of them because their business models are still unproven. I reckon this buying could be punters getting ahead of themselves after the news about the EU changing the laws on cannabis last week and the US possibly loosening laws there as well.

But now that the worm has turned, I will spend some more time exploring the sector and thinking about which one we might add to our portfolio.

Here’s the kind of work he’s doing. Have a watch, you’re sure to learn something. Click on the play button on the screenshot below:



PS: If there any funny party pics, you can bet your life I’ll share them in The Insider next week.