Addressing Your Concerns

Friday, 26 March 2021
Melbourne, Australia
By James Woodburn

[3 min read]

Dear Reader,

We sent some notices out this week detailing a slight change to the way we’ll be communicating with you via some of our services.

As you may know, up until now all our services had a fixed weekly update. Well, we’ve decided to change that and leave it up to the relevant editor to decide when they send through any weekly updates.

The reason being is that we want the information we send you to be based on quality, need and importance, rather than a fixed weekly update for the sake of meeting a schedule.

On the whole, this was appreciated, and was taken in the way we intended it to be. As this reader emailed:

Hi, Please pass on I was soooo happy to hear from Greg that only relevant information will be emailed in future. Great. Another suggestion would be an SMS when there is an alert for a buy or sell order to services subscribed to.’

However, we did have a bit of concern from some readers, too…

For example, one writes…

I’m a dissenter to the idea there is too much info is coming from your end! I’m very happy with the amount and will be very disappointed if it dries up.’

I can assure you this decision will not mean that the info coming your way will dry up.

Rather, the aim is that the info you do get is pertinent, important and highly relevant.

Still, it’s a concern shared by another reader…

I am hugely disappointed in the email I have received about reducing the weekly emails on services we pay for, in this case The Gowdie Letter.

I look forward to emails from Vern, including his weekly emails, and find his approach refreshing compared to some. Even in the weekly emails I find his analysis very in depth and interesting and I enjoy them. Vern’s emails are anything but an “intrusion in my inbox”.

It is quite true that I get tired of the clutter in my inbox, but the clutter that I get tired of is constant never ending promotions for new services

I am so tired of these constant marketing promotions that I would, if I could, consign them to junk mail. I certainly hit delete as soon as I see them.

So perhaps can I suggest that the promotional emails be discontinued other than on a monthly basis and that we continue to receive Vern’s weekly emails that we signed up for and pay for.’

First of all, again, let me reassure you that you will not be disappointed. (And if you are, we’ll change it back.) But see how it goes for the next month or so. I’m confident you’ll see that just because we won’t ‘fix’ the weekly update, that doesn’t mean you won’t be contacted.

This is especially true of Vern’s service, where a big part of the value proposition is Vern’s view and take on the world. That won’t change at all. Our hope that taking away a fixed schedule means our experts are able to think more, and provide MORE quality and value, not less.

As for the marketing emails, I get it. We know we send a lot, but I hope you can see that we only market our OWN ideas and services. We don’t advertise or are beholden to third parties and vested interests.

That’s how we remain independent and are able to publish ideas, provide honest opinions and predictions…and make recommendations that you will unlikely get from other sources or institutions.

So we have to (and are proud to!) market our own services. But we do try to make those efforts valuable, entertaining and useful.

By the way, you can always ‘opt out’ of receiving any marketing from each individual service you are subscribed to. There should be a link in the small print of each one. Or just call our customer service team and they’ll do it for you. No problem there!

And then there was this great suggestion within a longer email from this valued subscriber…    

I don’t have a problem with the paid services covering the same territory in each service. The real issue that I have is firstly, we subscribe in total to about 12 of your services/publications, two of which are premium services.

When you conduct a marketing campaign it can be 10 to 20 emails in the program, now you mail out on a subscription basis rather than a client basis so that means that we are getting somewhere around 120 to 240 emails for that campaign. This is really over the top

You can reduce the problem by marketing to your total client base as opposed to marketing to each subscription and this will reduce the email we receive by 90%, obviously not all your clients would have the same level of participation in your publications and hence achieve such a vast reduction in mail received…’

This is actually an awesome idea…and it is something we are already seriously looking into. It just requires a fair bit of high-tech to do it. I promise you, this is something we are working on. After all, we only want to send ideas that are relevant to your interests. And how do we know you are interested? You tell us by what you click and sign up to.

Incidentally, that’s also why when we are promoting a new premium or specialised idea, we do create a page through which you can choose to opt-in in order to get more information.

Anyway, I know we are not perfect right now. But we are trying to get better. I hope you can see that. And if not, tell us! We only get better with your help.

Now, Greg and I caught up yesterday to further clarify this slight evolution in our weekly communications. We also carried on the inflation trade discussion Greg’s been talking about this week.

Check it out by clicking on the screenshot below:


Have a great weekend.