Port Phillip Publishing is an independent financial publisher based in Melbourne, Australia. We provide independent financial commentary, economic analysis and market forecasts through print and email publications, books and conferences.

We think our investment ideas can help you become financially independent, better-informed and a more successful investor.

You may find our writing unusual at first. That’s because we believe in plain speaking and honest discussion. You won’t find us reporting the news. But you will read exactly what we think matters, why it matters, and what you can do about it.

Unlike many financial firms in Australia, we’re not beholden to advertisers. This leaves us free to criticise and publish our views without fear of upsetting vested interests. We work for our customers, not our advertisers.

Our editorial team will help you make sense of the complex world of geopolitics and high finance – and identify ways you can profit from developments large and small so you can act – and potentially profit – right away and for many years to come.

Our Story

Port Phillip Publishing was established in 2005 as the Australian outpost of US publisher, Agora Inc. Agora was founded over 25 years ago by best-selling author and entrepreneur Bill Bonner, and is one of the world’s most successful publishers of financial, health and travel newsletters.

Since our inception here in Melbourne we have expanded rapidly from around 270 readers of our free emails in 2005 to over 200,000 today. Our subscription services now reach more than 40,000 investors. We’re proud of the role we play in the Australian financial sector and are delighted that we have been able to help our readers protect their wealth and prosper in some of the most turbulent economic conditions in living memory.


With 20 subscription services and 5 free daily emails our readers get a comprehensive insight into the ideas that the mainstream media frequently neglects – or is too lazy to research. With publications spanning macroeconomics and the effect of ‘big picture’ geopolitics on financial markets; the resource industry and small-cap companies on the ASX200; to providing value and income investment ideas and specific buy and sell trading recommendations; our readers can access wisdom and ideas from some of the most switched-on and unconventional thinkers in the country.

Whether you’re a long-term investor looking to develop your strategy and grow your retirement fund; or a short-term trader wanting to take a well-researched punt and make large gains we have something for you.

We can’t promise you that our editors always agree. In fact, sometimes they completely disagree. This can cause confusion with some readers. But our analysts are not paid to say the same thing. They’ve been hired because they believe they have a valuable insight into how investment markets work and how they make money. We don’t decide which view is right. The market does. Our aim is to publish original thinkers and analysts who can help you become a better investor by providing you with ideas you can use in your own investment plan. Ultimately, we believe that no one cares more about your wealth than you.