What our readers say about Port Phillip Publishing and its services

“The share market and the newsletters from Port Phillip Publishing have become a large part of my life giving me something to think about and plan a large part of my day around.” Milto


“Anyone who is interested in making money through share trading would have to be a complete fool not to sign up to D&D [and] Aust Small Cap… My husband subscribes to all your [services] and I must say I really think they are the best investment ever… Several years ago I didn’t know about any of these and share trading was just something I read about.  Now I do this full time and I love it… I have made heaps of money trading all your tips (since 1st July 2010 I have banked over $90,000 profits!) I wouldn’t be so financially successful without all the subscriptions we have with you. So keep doing your stuff guys, I’d be lost without you! (and I’d have to get a real job again, yuch!)” Ann Cox.


“I was forced to really self manage my SMSF from December last year (after my previous ‘advisors’ managed to lose me several $100k’s in the GFC) and have not looked back since subscribing to your services.” George


Your letters rock! I am a recent convert having started subscribing in May this year but have recouped my investment many, many times over with the recommendations in Small Cap and D&D. Thank you for your honest and candid appraisal of how the world really is!” Steve Roney


“I enjoy reading your publications and hope that you may continue to present these stories and opportunities to subscribers” Bob Buckeridge


“I promised myself that I would never pay a broker, because they were as good as liars. I would not trust one as far as I could throw one. You say it the way it is, and I could have just run off [with] the information you put out there. I paid to subscribe because you have made me money from your recommendations. I don’t have a lot of money, but I will always be a subscriber. You need to understand that you make a difference in what you do.” Peter Thomson