Lachlann Tierney Analyst - Port PhillipLachlann Tierney is an analyst for Money Morning.

With more than a decade of investing under his belt, he is passionate about emerging technologies, energy solutions, and helping people invest their money wisely.

His Masters of Science degree from the London School of Economics has helped him bring a sound understanding of the global markets to his writing.

For more information about his work, you can check out Ryan Dinse and Lachlann Tierney’s, Exponential Stock Investor.

Exponential Stock InvestorExponential Stock Investor is all about providing rigorous analysis, commentary and investment recommendations on the companies that could go ‘exponential’.

Picture getting your hands on, Inc [NASDAQ:AMZN] stocks before the dawn of the Internet age. An investment of just $100 during its 1997 IPO is worth over $14,500 today!

Those are the type of share price rises Ryan and Lachlann are swinging for at Exponential Stock Investor. Risky stocks, but huge potential when they come off.

Lachlann also contributes trade ideas to Small-Cap Momentum Alert, Ryan Dinse’s premium small-cap trading service.

The service uses a proprietary MPI trading tool that is purpose-built to trade small-cap breakouts (it’s designed to detect micro changes in the direction of momentum in these tiny stocks…which can trigger big moves up).

If you’ve ever thought that trading stocks was something ‘other people’ do, this is definitely a service worth checking out…

Learn more about Lachlann Tierney’s investment services here: Exponential Stock Investor.

Money Morning AustraliaLachlann also writes for Money Morning — Australia’s most outspoken financial newsletter. From exciting small-caps to the evolving concept of money, it highlights the news stories that could have a HUGE impact on your wealth. As a subscriber, you will encounter unique, honest — and sometimes controversial — commentary rarely found in the mainstream media. You can subscribe to Money Morning Australia for free here.