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    Sam Volkering

Picking profitable small-cap shares can seem virtually impossible in today’s volatile market. But Australian Small-Cap Investigator can help.

Editor Sam Volkering provides detailed research and analysis on some of the brightest, smallest listed companies on the ASX.

Each month he recommends the stock of one of Australia’s rising star entrepreneurs – detailing exactly what makes it a buy recommendation and how it could shoot your portfolio returns to the stars.

If you’re bored of blue chips, worried about a sideways market, and looking for a little more excitement and risk in your portfolio, look no further.

Australian Small-Cap Investigator concentrates on companies whose shares trade for cents on the dollar — and are often shunned or ignored by those in the financial services industry. It has a simple mission: to make you big money from small stocks.

Take a trial subscription today and you’ll learn about stocks that could double, triple and quadruple in price – long before the mainstream media picks up on them.

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