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    Ryan Dinse

Billion Dollar Breakout Trader is a small stock trading service the likes of which you have never seen before.

Because its aim is to give you an ‘edge’. An edge that few retail investors are even aware of. And an edge that can create potential gains not in the hundreds, but thousands of percent.

This is BIG LEAGUE investing in the very smallest stocks.

Because we’re aiming to ride it right in the slipstream of the BIG money.

Billion Dollar Breakout Trader looks for tiny companies that silently ‘cross over’ to become large-caps…almost overnight…because the ‘smart money’ has deemed it so.

Since the inception of this service, these smart money ‘crossovers’ could have produced a number of substantial gains, some inside a single calendar year.

The smaller the stock the smart money decides to bless…the higher the potential for that stock to rise by orders of magnitude in the next 6-24 months.

That’s the premise behind Billion Dollar Breakout Trader.

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