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    Kris Sayce

Crash Market Investor — How to Invest Smartly Before, During and After the Next Big Market Crash

Crash Market Investor is totally unique. We’ve never done anything like it before. And we don’t think we’ve seen anyone in the financial publishing world doing anything like this, either.

It’s basically an investment service with one single goal: To help you make smart investing decisions:

  • In the lead up to the next crash
  • During the next crash
  • In the aftermath of the next crash

Now, many of our services only appeal to certain people. Small-caps for those who like to take a punt. Trading services for those who actively trade. Macro services for those who like to learn about the markets.

Crash Market Investor, though, is a new service we sincerely believe EVERY Port Phillip Publishing reader, of every stripe, should subscribe to.

This bull market must end. But no one knows exactly HOW it will end. That’s why it’s crucial to have asset allocation advice over the next two years that is FLUID and DYNAMIC. We are going to have three distinct phases: Before; During; and After. This service will be totally unique because it will help you adapt to each phase.

If you know in your gut that a crash must come eventually…but you’re not willing to sit out of the market and forfeit gains while you wait…

And if you know that some great opportunities present themselves when historic bull markets end…then you should try Crash Market Investor for 30 days, with no obligation to stay on.

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