Crypto Flip Trader — ‘Flip Trading’ cryptos for huge potential gains from tiny stakes

If you had the foresight to buy $1,000 of Litecoin at the end of March 2017, you’d have been sitting pretty soon after. By the end of October that year, that $1,000 figure had increased to $13,550.

Pretty good, right?

Yes. But if you’d Flip Traded Litecoin over the exact same period, however, that could potentially have been just a fraction under a hundred grand.

$1,000 into $100,000 in about seven months.

Have I got your attention?


What you’re seeing in the cryptocurrency markets right now is a dramatic ebb and flow of ‘hot money’ on an almost daily basis. It surges between the ‘big guns’ (bitcoin and ethereum) and the altcoin upstarts (monero, doge, feathercoin, ripple, etc.).

This is creating one of the most volatile markets in the history of traded assets. It will remain that way indefinitely. Which means, reader, it’s a market primed for FLIP TRADING.

You’re about to discover a fascinating new cryptocurrency trading strategy. It’s a strategy custom-designed to help you exploit heavily-fluctuating prices across all digital currencies. You have the chance to potentially make money when they go up. But you could also have the chance to make money when they go down…

I truly believe the biggest gains this year will not go to the crypto ‘buy-and-holders’. They’ll go to Crypto FLIP TRADERS.

Ryan Dinse,
Editor, Crypto Flip Trader

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