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    Ryan Dinse

My name is Ryan Dinse.

I was a financial advisor for a well-known Melbourne-based investment institution for seven years. In that time, I had more than 600 clients and over $150 million under management.

Which was fine. But as time went on I came to realise…as a career choice, it’s just not all that interesting.

What really fires me up? Finding the big investment trends and stories before they break; most funds and institutions don’t do that.

Analysts are typically encouraged to ‘stick to what you know’…and to not step out of anyone’s comfort zone.

And you know what? That’s perfect for most investors…but kind of dull to me.

I much prefer jumping on huge, fast 6- and 10-times run-ups in stock prices.

In my previous job, I couldn’t research opportunities with this kind of potential. And I certainly couldn’t recommend them.

Too small…too unknown…too illiquid…too risky…

This is why I don’t work in the mainstream financial advice industry anymore!

It’s why I now run a private stock advisory service for Port Phillip Publishing, Exponential Stock Investor.

That has freed me up to go after these stories…and these stocks…and tell you about them so that, if you want (and have spare capital that you can afford to lose), you too can invest in these opportunities.

These ‘unexpected’ moves I’m talking about, that have the potential to cause HUGE explosions in share prices, often happen at the apex of two big trends…

Think about Apple getting into the personal device and cell phone business right at the point internet speeds are getting faster and data is getting cheaper…and its shares shooting up more than 10,000% from 2004 to 2018…

Think about Facebook’s social media platform colliding with the trend in big advertising data — and its share price rocketing up by 335% since 2002…

Think about Netflix launching an on-demand video streaming service just as the broadband boom is taking off…and posting monster share gains of more than 8,700% in less than a decade…

That’s the kind of thing I’m talking about.

And yes, these are the kinds of gains I’m swinging for in the pages of Exponential Stock Investor.

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