Welcome to Greg Canavan’s Exclusive IPO Investor.

This is your chance to join us in totally disrupting the Australian IPO scene.

Greg’s goal is to use his contacts and experience to get you ‘special allocation’ shares in Australia’s most promising initial public offerings. These are deals we’re almost certain you would normally never get NEAR as a regular retail investor. At least until well after float day.

Special, advance access tends to go to institutions connected with the deal, and their most valued clients. The underwriter gets the massive fees bringing a company to market. The high-net-worth clients get in at a lower price than anyone else, and pocket the early share price run-up. And the institutions please their best clients, and so some of those IPO profits are kicked back to them.

It’s a game AGAINST the retail investor.

As least it WAS…until now…

Greg Canavan’s Exclusive IPO Investor has been designed to get you ‘into the game’. Well before the investment herd. And at the share price as close as possible to what the ‘insiders’ are paying.

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