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Welcome to Port Phillip Publishing newest, most exciting and potentially most profitable VIP trading advisory.

The goal of Microcap Trader is quite simple: to help you find, trade and play the smallest of the small stocks trading on the ASX and around the world.

We’re talking about true ‘micro-cap’ stocks.

The types of stocks trading for mere cents per share…and the kind of investment opportunities that can turn a small starting stake into the kind of money that could buy a new beach house…or pay for several kids’ university education…or literally allow you to quit work forever.

Of course, this research service isn’t for the timid or the risk averse.

In fact, it’s Port Phillip Publishing’s most exclusive service.

We strictly limit membership to a small group of people who are not afraid of risk. People who are comfortable with the idea of investing a little…to potentially reap incredible gains.

The cap is set at 500 members.

Once we reach our maximum 500-person limit, that’s it. We’ll be locking this service up.

Of course, we can put you on a waiting list for when a spot becomes available in the future…

This service is currently closed to new members.

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