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New Energy Investor will show you how to grab your stake in the great energy switchover, as the world transitions out of fossil fuels and into cleaner, greener renewable energy.

Over the next three decades, US$95 trillion is going to be spent on turning the world’s energy system green.

The companies driving that change could offer early investors incredible upside.

Edited by James Allen in London and Selva Freigedo here in Melbourne, New Energy Investor will introduce you to some of the best and brightest clean energy prospects on the market — long before many Australian investors get to hear about them.

This is a rare chance to invest right at the beginning of what could be the biggest market disruption in 100 years.

Who knows how many centuries it might take for some new power source to emerge?

Wood…gas…oil. It’s a rare event in the history of our civilisation that our dominant source of energy is overhauled like we are seeing now.

Almost inevitably, big returns are generated by the companies leading the way…

And it follows that shareholders in those companies, who grab their stake while prices are low, can make potentially significant returns.

That’s where we are at right now.

James and Selva can show you how to take the next steps…


James Allen,
Editor, New Energy Investor

Selva Freigedo,
Editor, New Energy Investor

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