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    Matt Hibbard

Buying high-yield stocks is a great way to boost your stock income.

But there’s a simple way to earn even more money for your portfolio…practically anytime you want.

This cash-generating secret is so powerful, you can use it to collect money on stocks that don’t pay dividends. In fact, you can use it to earn income on stocks you don’t even own!

If you’re thinking it might have something to do with stock options, you’re half right.

You see, this is flipping options trading on its head.

Instead of paying money to buy options, you could make money by selling them!

It may sound difficult, but it’s not. It’s actually the most conservative and straightforward way to trade stock options. And it can be less risky than buying the stocks outright.

You don’t need any licenses or degrees. You don’t even need to know a lot about stock options. And with some simple precautions, your risk is always known and always under control.

Big banks, the ultra-wealthy and savvy investors have used this secret to quietly pad their stock accounts for decades.

But Options Trader takes it one step further — aiming to help YOU turn this secret into regular, lump-sum payouts.

Editor and former Sydney pit futures trader, Matt Hibbard, targets only a handful of carefully selected, big blue chip companies. He picks a price, and you get paid the next day regardless of what happens with the stock.

If the stock does hit that chosen price and is ‘put’ to you, he then chooses a sell price for the stock, and you collect money the next day, again regardless of what the stock price does. (Meanwhile, you collect any potential dividends the stock pays along the way.)

Once the stock hits Matt’s sell price, the cycle starts all over again.

Best of all, it happens almost completely automatically. You’re never tied to your computer, watching every up and down.

You place the trade, collect your money and then wait for the next trade recommendation.

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