Intro Videos

Insights from a Trader

Phil sits down with Daily Reckoning editor Callum Newman to discuss the outlook for the US dollar, plus his experiences as a trader, including some past calls and a current campaign. Phil discusses the pitfalls and strategies he’s used over two decades trading different markets.

Phillip J Anderson in Private Conversation at World War D

After giving his speech at the Port Phillip Publishing investing conference World War D, Phil sat down with the Weekend Daily Reckoning editor Callum Newman. Phil discusses the outlook for commodity prices, interest rates and why his outlook is so different from other analysts and commentators. He also talks about how he trades the markets.

The Men Who Discovered the Real Estate Cycle

Phil and The Daily Reckoning Managing Editor Dan Denning discuss how Phil’s theory of a real estate cycle is built on the previous research of three key men: Homer Hoyt, Roy Wenzlick and Fred Harrison.You’ll see how these three men successfully used this knowledge to forecast real estate booms and busts in advance.

They also discuss the 18 year real estate cycle in the context of China. Phil speculates on where the Chinese economy is at according to his real estate clock, and more.

How David Ricardo’s Theory of Rent Can Make You a Better Investor

Phil and Managing Editor of The Daily Reckoning Dan Denning discuss the concept of ‘economic rent’. Phil elaborates on why this reveals locational value and how. Phil applies the theory of rent to understanding the crisis in Ukraine. You’ll also see how you can apply the principle to understanding further conflicts.

How You Can Time Your Investments To The 18 Year Real-Estate Cycle

In March 2013 Managing Editor of The Daily Reckoning Dan Denning talked with Phil Anderson about market cycles, real estate prices, and where we are in the commodity cycle. Phil explains the 18-year housing cycle and its relationship to the entire financial system, including as a leading indicator of economic growth and higher stock prices.