The title of our sold out think-tank at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne was ‘The Paradox of Prosperity: How to navigate your wealth through the perils and opportunities of the second gilded age’.

The goal was to gather some of the shrewdest contrarian thinkers — and a few very famous ‘rogue investors’ — together over two days. And to demonstrate how everyday Australians like yourself, could not only seize the opportunities that could arise from the ‘second gilded age’ but avoid any of the financial pitfalls that may come along with it.

As Port Phillip Publishing’s LAST EVER major conference, it managed to exceed all our expectations!

However, don’t worry if you weren’t one of the lucky Alliance Members to witness this event in person. We managed to ‘bug’ the conference as a way of making sure that you will be able to hear all of the startling predictions and investment ideas that emerged from Port Phillip’s LAST EVER conference.

All you have to do? Simply claim your own ‘Virtual Seat’ — and download a recorded version of the entire event.

I urge you to get a hold of the Paradox of Prosperity Recordings RIGHT NOW. I understand that a lot of the news coming out of Australia, America and even China can make it feel like the world is spiralling out of control. But here’s the thing. You CAN control what you do with your money. Ultimately, this was the main goal of the conference: to put you back in the driver’s seat of your financial future.

And I think we’ve achieved this goal spectacularly.

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