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    Phillip Anderson

Phillip J Anderson has correctly predicted nearly every high and low in stocks AND property since the turn of the century.

His controversial ‘Grand Cycle’ theory is perhaps the most significant piece of research we’ve published.

But forecasts are one thing. Making money from them is another.

With Time Trader, Anderson and his protégés, Callum Newman and Terence Duffy, show you how to TRADE these big-picture predictions.

Their Grand Cycle Method aims to hand members the right stocks at the right time within Anderson’s bold market forecasts.

This service has its origins in the legendary trading successes of WD Gann, dating back to the early 20th century.

Gann used an earlier version of the Grand Cycle Method to transform a $300 trading account into $25,000 in just 90 days — an 8,233% gain.

Capturing even a TENTH of that kind of performance would turn $5,000 into more than $46,000.

Time Trader is a joint project with Phillip J Anderson aimed at emulating that type of rapid, exciting trading success.

This strategy is just as potent, exciting and potentially profitable today as it was back then.

Over the months and years ahead, Phil, Callum and Terence will show you what to do with your money in order to profit from both long and short term Grand Cycle opportunities.

You’ll learn how fusing big-picture economic forecasts with a rare form of technical trading could let you compound your wealth many times over.

And you’ll have one of the most controversial — and privately wealthy — economists on the planet guiding you.

Phil’s been trading his forecasts privately for the past 20 years. He called the 2007 high in stocks, and the 2009 low (to the month). He then traded the gold bull market the followed.

Predictions and trades like this allowed Phil to retire before 40…with properties in three countries…and the freedom to travel and invest as he please.

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