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    Jason McIntosh
    Quant Trader

Business Insider says we are now in ‘The Age of the Algorithm’. That’s because the markets are now dominated by the quants, or quantitative analysts.

Forbes says ‘the stock market belongs to them.

And yet you never hear about them. They rarely give interviews. And if they do they are cagey to-the-extreme about their mathematical methods for gaining edge.

Which is why Quant Trader is such a rarity. It’s an algorithm-based trading system, custom-built for retail traders on the ASX. And designed by one of Australia’s few genuine professional quants, Jason McIntosh.

Jason has coded Quant Trader to act as a motion sensor for the biggest price trends on the ASX. It doesn’t just scan the top 20 stocks, or the top 100, or even the top 200. It’s an all-seeing eye that tracks almost every share on the Australian stock market.

Once the system identifies a signal, and once that signal passes through the various layers of Quant Traderfiltering, you’ll be emailed a BUY alert and a stop loss.

From there, if the trade gets off-and-running, you’ll be emailed weekly trailing stops. The goal being, as I’ve said many times, to cut losers off relatively quickly… and let winners run and run.

It is really taking you from the start all the way through to the finish of every trade you make.

And you’ll have Jason, a genuine quant, guiding you along the way. Jason’s been trading the markets professionally since he joined Wall Street investment bank Bankers Trust in 1991. He retired a wealthy man at just 37. Now he’s come out of retirement to start a retail trading revolution here in Australia.

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