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    Greg Canavan

History shows the best time to invest is during, or soon after, a crisis.

Whether it’s in the depths of the Great Depression, or after the ‘dot com’ bust, crises create value in stocks and incredible long-term opportunities.

But a major crisis doesn’t come along every day, or even every few years.

You can’t sit around waiting for the next big crisis to provide great investment opportunities.

Here’s the thing though…you don’t need to!

There are ‘crises’ occurring in the stock market all the time. Companies or whole sectors get into trouble and sometimes fall 50%, 60%, or even 70% or more from their peak levels.

In Crisis & Opportunity Greg Canavan uses his unique ‘fusion method’, blending fundamental and technical analysis to find hated, insanely cheap companies at the start of a major turnaround.

As he says:

You don’t need a Great Depression to create incredible investment opportunities.

You just have to look closely and you’ll see plenty of individual companies going through their own crisis.

When the whole market falls 50% or more, you can be pretty sure there’s good value around.

When a stock falls by a similar amount, it’s usually the same story. That is, there’s good value on offer and an opportunity to make an attractive long-term return.’

This is the sort of situation Greg looks for when picking stocks.

That is, he observes some sort of crisis (whether it’s short and sharp, or one that has played out over years) and then he sees if it the situation presents a worthwhile investment opportunity.

It’s these kinds of situations you’ll learn about — month in, month out — if you’d like to take a no-obligation trial subscription to Crisis & Opportunity.

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