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    Greg Canavan

How do you invest sensibly when it feels like putting your money in the markets is insanely risky?

How do you sleep soundly at night if you think stocks could collapse at any moment?

This is the problem with investing in a world of zero interest rates and constant stimulus. If you stay out of the market, you’re almost guaranteed to lose over the longer term via currency debasement. If you jump in, you risk losing a lot more.

Greg Canavan’s Investment Advisory is about providing an investment strategy that recognises these two competing influences. It seeks to find good-quality stocks in the ASX 200 trading at reasonable prices. It doesn’t take crazy risks, and isn’t trying to find the next speculative hot stock.

It’s an invaluable service to those who might be managing their own investments, super funds or larger sums of money, and are after relatively lower-risk stock market exposure.

Greg Canavan’s Investment Advisory recognises that investors are operating in an environment with a broken monetary system and (because of this) ever increasing amounts of state intervention. The natural reaction to this is to take your bat and ball, go home and wait it out in cash.

But Greg would argue, as sensible as that sounds, that this is exactly the wrong course of action.

Currency debasement is going to continue over the next few years. You don’t want to be a long-term holder of cash while this is happening.

But currency debasement comes with lots of volatility. Greg’s strategy, therefore, is to reduce risk as much as possible, while still giving you investment ideas he thinks will make you money (either via capital growth or through dividends) over a one- to three-year time frame.

Greg Canavan’s Investment Advisory does this by taking a contrarian approach. If you can keep out of the overheated parts of the market, and focus on the unloved and undervalued sectors, Greg thinks you can do really well in the years to come.

This approach isn’t just about buying any down-and-out stock. Greg uses a unique blend of fundamental and technical analysis to identify stocks that are starting to move higher.



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