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    Vern Gowdie

Vern Gowdie’s radical new effort to disrupt the status quo of the Australian financial planning industry.

In March 2020, COVID-19 revealed itself as the ‘known unknown’.

The pin to burst the ‘everything’ bubble.

Markets savagely sold off more than at any other time in our lifetimes.

No longer were we wondering, or even questioning, whether this long-awaited bust would ever happen.

It had arrived…in spectacular fashion.

Suddenly the email requests for specific assistance ramped up in volume.

‘What should I do…?’

‘Where’s the best…?’

‘How do I protect…?’

‘Will our savings…?’

‘My self-managed fund…’

Questions I neither had the time nor the legal capacity to answer.

That is, until now…

The Gowdie Advisory is my answer to those questions.

Also, since the end of March, markets have predictably rebounded, defying all logic and common sense. But that’s what markets do — test your resolve and intelligence.

Investors baffled by soaring stocks in “monster” depression’ is a Financial Times headline that sums up the situation quite well.

That’s created even more questions.

‘What on Earth is going on?’

‘Should I be buying back into the market?’

‘When will the next leg down be?’

‘Should I be learning how to short sell for the next big crash?’

In establishing The Gowdie Advisory, we’ve committed the resources necessary to compile each email into one or more silos…superannuation, wealth management, estate planning, insurances, asset protection, debt management, budgeting, financial products, deposit guarantee, retirement income, Centrelink, aged care, family wealth.

Even in good economic times, there are many facets to successful financial management.

At times like these, even more factors come into play.

The time is right for this service.

We are entering what I think will be a very challenging period.

The financial planning industry is not equipped to deal with a prolonged period of volatility and uncertainty.

If you failed to see the extent of the problem that was building within the system, then how can you possibly know where the dangers are?

Every time a new capital-destroying detonation goes off, they’ll be reacting to their clients’ fear.

Loss of client dollars will be quickly followed by a loss of client faith.

Many in the planning profession will be unnerved by events they’ve never encountered or expected.

The Gowdie Advisory is not weighed down by that emotional baggage.

We’ve been expecting and planning for a significant market correction.

We know that correction will have consequences beyond the markets alone.

Employment. Family. Health. Retirement. Lifestyle.

My promise to you is that we will deal with each of these issues in a logical, well-researched and professional manner.

To say that I’m excited about this new project is an understatement.

The Gowdie Advisory is the fulfilment of an idea I’ve been nurturing for many years.


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