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    Matt Hibbard

Total Income is the only Port Phillip Publishing service focussed purely on generating sustainable income streams over the long term.

Editor Matt Hibbard researches and recommends income investments that let you ‘unplug’ from the anxiety and regret you can face chasing quick gains.

The aim here is simple: Take minimal risks, buy quality companies at great value, ignore your investment for years…and GET PAID while you focus on more important things than money.

It’s not our most thrilling investment advisory. You won’t find speculative stock picks here.

But you will find ways to set up multiple extra income streams that could grow into torrents of spare cash in time.

Matt’s hunting down the next generation of ‘Income Kings’ — emerging income payers with plenty of room to grow.

For example, buying 1,000 CBA shares back in 2001 would have brought you an extra annual income of more than $2,500. All told, you’d be $71,232 richer in 2015.

Total Income shows you the next group of Aussie companies with the potential to make you that kind of money.

There’s no denying it…you HAVE to earn an income. It’s not your fault that you have to do that in a market and economy that governments and central banks are dominating.

And you have the power to do that with this strategy.

Total Income aims to give you simple ways to make money from the market even when the odds are stacked against you.

Begin your income investing journey right now.

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